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Scotland Yard Boston, anyone?

Let's blatantly steal this guy's idea.  Live action Scotland Yard, they're doing it in Toronto.  We can do it in Boston, or in Cambridge, or something.

Oh look, a lone Canadian goose walking around outside my window.  Shouldn't he be at Silver Lake?

Quick update: a great weekend, refreshing, relaxing, and inspiring.  Saturday, played a game and had much less trouble with awakeness and immersion...  I guess I'm just getting back into the swing of the stuff.  Had a great dinner mob, some wonderful Thai food, and good conversations.  Sunday morning, I looked around at various starship combat and hyperspace rules sets while doing some crafting on DAoC...  and in the afternoon before heading to the Avi Green event, I finally hit level 50!  Took a little nap, then headed out to Union Square for Avi Green's campaign meeting, where I decided I actually want to spend time on this stuff.

Sunday night, political discussions and brownies with the centrists at the abce household followed by a little email, and a little hunting.  It's going to be fun balancing all this stuff in my life, but I believe I can do it.

And now, back to work.  Refactoring like the wind!

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