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good weekend

concert Friday night - excellent music, and good company to boot. A bit of a hike out to Tanglewood to hear, and not really see, the Pops and Chorus play Wynton Marsalis's All Rise.

Saturday all day - Six Flags New England. With the funky "no lines for you!" electronic doohickey. Daylight hours spent mostly in the waterpark... I rode The Tornado, a big ol' funnel of innertube madness, and I was done with my high-excitement stuff for the day. No Superman or Batman for me. I still had a blast though; a small group going is Just Right.

Sunday - gaming and lack of caffeine. Oops. Turns out there was interesting plot to be uncovered too, and I just let it slide on by. Afterwards I went to my planned dinner with my hosts, which was much more relaxing, it was much more acceptable to be so very zonked there.

Today - ice cream at work, scheduling a design review, and getting code into the repository. Getting builds figured out. Sending out instructions. New guy moved into our cube, and back out quickly as we discovered it was just Too Crowded. Dinner with the hosts again, a wonderful way to end the day. gmpe and abce keep a great house.

Today I also got my iBook back. And I found out replacement keyboards are on eBay for much cheaper than $150 (the pbparts.com price)... so I bid. Because this space bar is just too damn annoying. It's nice to have the ol' iBook back though.

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