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DFA Meetup - upcoming events

The DFA Meetup here was pretty nice. There's a good bunch of stuff coming up.

Good location. The Red Line is a really nice bar, a little on the upscale side. Had a great roast beef sandwich there, with real homemade mashed potatoes.

There's a bunch of things to help with coming up here... starting tomorrow! The Progressive Democrats of Somerville, is meeting at 99 Dover Street at 7pm on Thursday. Apparently they've got a real structure and some real ability to make things happen. I'm gonna go check them out tomorrow night.

Upcoming events

July 10, Saturday (9:30) - Kerry canvass. Going to Dover, NH to go door-to-door for Kerry/Edwards. This wouldn't be too tempting at this point, except for the fact that doing this gets you two free tickets to:

July 12, Monday 5-9pm - Rally with John Kerry, Jackson Browne, and Michelle Branch (who?) at the FleetBoston Pavilion.

July 13, 7pm - Democratic Party Meetup. I don't know if I'll go to this, but it'd be interesting to see how this differs from DFA. I'm guessing they won't have "Finneran No Speaker-For-Life" bumper stickers at that event, for one thing. Also they probably won't be pushing the Progressive challengers to the pseudo-Democrats in some nearby state house races. They probably will push for support for Pat Jehlen's targeted race, though.

July 22, 7pm - Kerry 2004 Meetup. *shrug* Maybe.

July 23, 9pm - Driving Votes Party. VFW Hall in Davis Square. $10 (rumored) to go and benefit the "get volunteers to drive to swing states and register voters likely to be on our side" group.

July 24-25 - DemocracyFest. Camping in Western MA, guests including Howard Dean, Zephyr Teachout, Barrios, and some of the Dean Dozen. Camping out there. $35 including campground fees. Workshops including things like how to campaign and info on the electoral college.

July 26-29 - Democratic National Convention

All of this is mentioned at DemocracyforMA.org.

There are also three local state house campaigns they pushed...

Pat Jehlen, Middlesex 27th, in Somerville. She's a local Democrat being targeted by Governor Paw, er, Romney. Time to get out there and push for her.

Carl Sciortino, Middlesex 34th, in Medford and Somerville. This is a primary race, trying to get a progressive Dem in in place of an established right-wing Dem, Vincent Ciampa.

Avi Green, Middlesex 26th, in Somerville and Cambridge. Another primary race, trying to oust a right-wing Dem, Tim Toomey.

Wondering what district you're in? Try Where do I vote MA?

So, who's with me tomorrow night at the Progressive Democrats of Somerville?

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