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My Best Friend is kareila
Our 29 common interests are: 80's music, anime, apple computer, billy joel, buffy the vampire slayer, cake, cowboy bebop, dance dance revolution, entropy, harry potter, jim henson, loreena mckennitt, mac os x, macintosh, mit, moby, monty python, moxy früvous, ozy and millie, pink floyd, real genius, sluggy freelance, talking heads, the princess bride, the west wing, they might be giants, tron, unix, weird al
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

Just about the mirror image of her results.

crs and kareila share 29 interests.
crs and avacon share 15 interests.
crs and jencallisto share 14 interests.
crs and chaiya share 14 interests.
crs and yesthattom share 13 interests.
crs and trysha share 13 interests.
crs and nordicgrrl share 13 interests.
crs and animegothgrrl share 13 interests.
crs and cos share 12 interests.
crs and coraline share 11 interests.

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