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It was a good day today. And now I get to end it with a nice relaxing evening with reading materials, a laptop with LJ, and the sound of rain on my window. It's a nice sound.

I started the day waking up too early (7:45), with a headache. It was one of those vaguely nauseous headaches, and it annoyed me. I got online, putzed around a bit, and dozed a little... The dozing felt really good, and helped my headache subside a bit. That's when invite #1 to a dim sum happened, leaving really quite early (10:30) for Chinatown. I ended up skipping that one for the headache. Around 11 I noticed my phone buzzing from across the room; I had left it on vibrate mode at last night's concert, and I missed a call. That was invite to dim sum #2, this one at Mary's... Since it was later and my headache was even better, and since one can drive to Mary's, I decided to accept this one, and get a start to the day.

45 minutes later, I was showered, dressed, and driven to Mary's, where I had the good ol' Mary's dim sum (scallion pie, steamer buns, and steamed buns with pork and vegetable; I sometimes forget how much more traditional Mary's Taiwanese-style dim sum dishes feel to me, compared to Chinatown's distinctly different style of dim sum). There was a bunch of RPG talk at the table, among other subjects, and I just had a nice, relaxing time of it.

Afterwards, I was feeling really good, and decided to walk to Harvard Square to look for a newly-released RPG Book (Steve Jackson Games' GURPS Transhuman Space - Pandemonium sold out of it almost instantly last week but I hadn't checked a couple other possibilities). (I'll have more to say on Transhuman Space once I get the book - suffice it to say it looks like it'll be near-future hard SF Role-Playing, which is the genre I've been trying to break into for a while). Walked with Meg and Sybil and just enjoyed the cool, damp day. There were forecasts of rain, but none had struck yet.

Got to Games People Play - no luck. Harvard Coop - no luck. Neither had even seen the book yet. Seems like Pandemonium is the only bookstore in the area that ever had it, and they sold out like that *snap*. At this point, Meg and Sybil went their seperate ways back home, and I brainstormed that perhaps The Compleat Strategist, over in Boston (conveniently on the #1 Bus Line), would have it. So I hopped on the #1 bus, paid my 75 cents, and started sitting in the stifling heat... until I opened a window and started really enjoying the breeze. It actually felt nice, like a spring breeze, the way the air mixed.

So I get to the Symphony Hall stop on the bus line and go to Compleat Strategist, and, of course, no luck. But it's not that important, really, by now I'm having too nice a day just getting myself around in Boston. I decide to go take the #1 bus back to Central Square, where my car was parked. But after less than a minute of standing at the bus stop, I got restless. I started playing the game of "see if I can walk to the next bus stop before a bus comes along."

Symphony Hall to Newbury Street - no problem, I could see a long way behind me, and the bus stops were really close together. I got to Beacon Street, the last stop before the Harvard Bridge, looked behind me, and decided to take the risk. There would be a huge window of time in which a bus could come and make me basically have to walk the entire way to Central Square myself.

I start crossing the bridge, nervously checking behind me periodically for a bus. About halfway across (180 Smoots) I finally see it; a bus is coming up behind me, and I'm going to be completely out of phase with it. I keep walking, and watch it approach and pass me. In its front window, the sign read: "Instruction Bus". I was saved, I was going to be ok! By now I was getting a little tired of walking, but it was more a matter of "winning the game", really; I wanted to either get on a bus, or walk all the way to Central Square without seeing one. To have a bus pass me by would be to lose the game, to have made an inefficient choice.

So about 2/3 of the way across the bridge, I spot another bus in the distance, stopped at the Beacon Street stop, loading up on people. This got me pretty nervous; I was still quite some distance to the next stop (right on the other side of the bridge), and it was sure to pass me. I broke into a bit of a run then, watching over my shoulder for the bus's approach. It took longer than I thought, but it did pass me. I was running flat out, then, and I guess the bus driver must have seen me, because he really seemed to delay at that stop as long as possible, and I made it on board the bus, there at the Mem Drive stop. I sat in the one seat that had just vacated and panted heavily, realizing that I had just tired myself out pretty seriously. Thankfully, from there, it was a quick ride to Central, to my car, and home.

I had my feeling of accomplishment, of a good day, already, and it was only 3 in the afternoon. I hadn't even gotten my book, but I didn't care, it was just nice to be home, and exercised, and relaxed. Then I checked my mail, and found an impromptu invitation to a dinner a friend was cooking. I got to follow up on that fantastic afternoon with an evening of helping clean and cut veggies, running to the store for some "parboiled rice" (which they didn't seem to have), and eating a delicious roasted chicken with a small group of friends.

Anyway, I came home to housemates and the usual crowd of friends, hung out a bit, watched some TV, and played a new card game. A fun one, no less! :) It all just came together.

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