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Champaign, IL

Hello from Champaign!

I saw a rainbow today opposite a wind farm, on the way through central Illinois... it was somewhere around Normal, I think. And an amusing sign in a bathroom that showcased a very bad user interface... I'll put up the (low quality, as if from a cameraphone) picture here sometime later.

I bought cheese curds in Wisconsin, but failed to find the House on the Rock. When I found a brochure in the rest stop near Madison I realized I had already missed the ideal exit, and though I could double back for it, it didn't seem all that appealing considering the bad traffic I'd just gone through. It is also further off the road than I thought. So... no House on the Rock for me.

Had more randomly friendly people talk to me today than I had in a while... and that includes interactions before I left Rochester. Weird. Maybe there was something in my manner.

Tomorrow I go to Columbus and attend some Origins. Also I need to find a book store and look up the book "Road Trip USA", apparently. Good recommendation from fyfer, thanks!

And sounds like I get some good freedom to take my time, or not, as I choose, from my crash space hosts at the Boston end... I'd just like to thank gmpe and abce here for that.

And now, to leave the cat-ridden (achoo!) place with Internet, to get to my hotel! :)

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