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where to go...

getting ready to hit the road... Columbus tonight if I'm good, Origins tomorrow, DC in the evening, see the capitol some on Friday, head up to Boston in the afternoon, arrival... Friday evening?

That's too fast. I need a new plan.

Indiana tonight, Columbus tomorrow... Origins for Thursday night/Friday morning... then to upstate New York to go through the Adirondacks, take the ferry across Lake Champlain... DC is not an option on Friday :-/

Where'd I put that post with all the different suggestions people had? Oh yeah, here.

No one will meet me at Cedar Point (bink?)...

Hm, if I leave now I hit Chicago right at rush hour, it would seem. Ugh.

Maybe I'll just get to Boston really early. Or find a bed/breakfast place up by Champlain... hmm...

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