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what a long day

First of all, last night I was at the DFL office til midnight fighting with the DSL modem and wireless router to get them to cooperate. No luck. [Looked up some info online (zephyr class help, as well as google) and came up with a theory that other D-Link routers would support "PPPoA". Turns out this was a red herring, as I found out this morning...]

But this day started with packing up my Magic cards and a bunch of RPG stuff. Sorting out papers, mementos, and old bills into categories and different binders and crates. A bunch of paperwork is in better shape, but not a lot of stuff is put away. Not looking good for a Wednesday departure.

Next I went to Best Buy and upgraded the wireless router to one I thought might do better (it had "802.1x" listed in its spec sheet... my best guess was that this was the piece of tech that was missing...). Got home and did a little more paperwork until 2 or so when I headed over to the DFL office to try to get it to work. Had the same issues with the router until I remembered one forum article I read about this kind of issue... and something clicked. [The article said that someone had had similar problems and figured out that the ip addresses on the inside and outside interface of the router couldn't be on the same subnet... I tried changing the LAN ip address provided by the DSL modem to 192.168.16.*] and lo and behold, everything started working! So I'm a little bit of a hero down at the DFL office for my last act of volunteerism for this group before I tender my various resignations... And Phil even brought the checkbook to get me reimbursed quickly, since he knew my situation. Check in hand.

At the DFL office open house, there was much schmoozing with various folks. Candidates, campaign managers, potential candidates, DNC delegates, and friends were all there and all wishing me well on my trip. Can't say I didn't like the attention this brought me. But it was tiring all the same.

I didn't realize just how tiring until I got to Old Country Buffet, where I was having dinner with my parents and their friends' families... I got to lie down in the glass foyer room at OCB for a couple minutes when people started showing up. That felt good. But then it was a few more hours of dinner and just being on stage again. Tiring, but fun. My friend the MIT fr...er, sophomore (time flies!) was there too, and I got caught up on a lot of news there... Then we went to my parents' house and then to see Dodgeball. Great flick, in the same vein as Zoölander.

Now I'm here with extra boxes and newspaper for packing, and I gotta get going tomorrow. Tomorrow's my only real chance to make enough of a dent on this packing to get me out of town on time.

Things to remember to get my parents to pick up: prescription sunglasses from Vision World, and the sticker.

One more note: just a pointer for a bunch of my local friends, a reminder to the wonderful state I'm moving to :) It will be nice to have one fewer piece of governmental hypocrisy being perpetrated in my name.

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