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I really need to figure out when I'm going to get packing done for this trip. I'm thinking I'm not making a June 28 start date at this rate. Tonight is softball, then karaoke, the big sendoff... Should be something.

I also agreed to set up the network at the new DFL office before I left. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I was looking around the room, saying "Who else is gonna do this?" :-/ Anyway, I sent off a big email message last night detailing the strategy I decided to take (USB wireless adapters are easier to configure on a Windows machine than PCI ones, I expect, right?) and we'll see if they give it the thumbs up... If so, tomorrow night I hit Best Buy and do some setup at the new office.

Saturday is a bunch of DFL stuff... I am probably going to miss all of it except maybe the office grand opening. It'd be nice to see the reopening of the Silver Lake Municipal Pool, but I really just can't afford the time. In the evening, hanging out with friends of my parents, getting yet another sendoff.

Whee... Sunday and Monday night are basically it for packing. I guess I could cut back the road trip. Not that anything's set for that yet, but it would be nice to have some time as long as I'm paying for the gas.

Oh well. I'll see how close I can cut it here. As I always do. It feels wrong to be ready for something early, I should get over that.

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