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Well whaddya know?

I did hurt myself tonight. Yes, y'all told me so, but it wasn't what you think. My chest is pretty much better, getting out and doing some physical activity helped that. In my last at-bat tonight I swung, and connected. I started running towards first and felt something weird... something in my leg. Something hitting my leg. The bat... hitting the back of my right calf. I took another step on my left, continuing to accelerate, and landed on my right again, and felt something akin to a cramp there. Ow. I kept going, though, hobbling to first. Luckily it was a good hit. I got a pinch runner and spent the bottom of the last inning as catcher (I think I like catcher in this league.)

I'm batting 1.000 this season, though. 2 walks last week, 3 more walks, and 2 hits tonight. Both singles, I think. Good night for softball, perfect weather.

I then hit the karaoke place, where a certain girl was present again... And I got her number. :) So it's been a great night. She knows I'm out of town the next two weeks so it'll be ok. But we did Time Warp again and ended up apologizing to each other afterwards for messing up... But her next song was "Desperado", and that was just incredible.

Tomorrow, I pack. Things to remember, LA, Mach, Iron Jaw, camera ... I'm sure there are more things to remember. I'll get it figured out.


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May. 21st, 2004 05:28 am (UTC)
It makes me happy...
that there are these things you like to do (karaoke and softball) and you're doing them. Go you!

Please do baby your leg today. (Ice, elevation if it swells at all, anti-inflammatories if it hurts at all.) No good hobbling on vacation.
May. 21st, 2004 07:32 am (UTC)
LA? Dude, you must have a big suitcase if you can fit all of Los Angeles in it!
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