just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines

I'd like to say thanks for your support yesterday on the "chest pain" thing... I have just now figured out how to explain why I'm pretty confident that it's just a muscle thing... When I move or stretch a certain way I can feel the tension, feel it getting slightly achier. A nagging at the back of my brain says maybe I should sit out the softball game tonight, but I'd rather make it, and just be careful there, I think.

I've had this before, actually... been to the hospital for it once, even. It was during a cold when I was sneezing a bunch, so it really hurt my chest. The doctors looked at my heart reading (on the EKG thingamabob, I guess) and said that was fine, so it must be pneumonia. I left with antibiotics. I talked to my PCP the next day and got told "it's not pneumonia, just a pulled muscle, here's some aspirin++," and "stop taking the antibiotics, you've only had one of them so far so it's not dangerous to stop the course."

So... Um... What was my point again? Oh yeah, I seem to be fine. And thanks :)

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