August 11th, 2009



Biking home from the Galleria (after a quick post-work stop to swap my iPhone earbuds), I started to feel a few drops. Got a little worried as I passed under the commuter rail on Gore Street (hi, Stan!) but figured, eh, I can brave this little drizzle.

By the time I was on Somerville Ave., the deluge had begun. I pulled over under a convenient awning, and waited a few minutes for it to dry up. Packed my phone and new earbuds away safely and waited... and finally gave up waiting, and biked in the rain.

It was quite nice, actually. I got soaked, but as I passed through Union Square I decided I was up for a bit of a challenge, and went up Summer St. instead of Somerville Ave. This took me right over the peak of the hill, past that cathedral, and the only real issue I had with it was worry about cars passing me. The road's too narrow for a dedicated bike lane.

In any case, the beauty of that route is, once you hit the cathedral, you're done. I coasted all the way home. (Well, to cheonameg's house for basement storage, since I won't be using my bike til next Monday...)