June 25th, 2009

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things i learned in the midwest

- Apparently they still have a LOT of grass pollen there. I am, in fact, still very allergic, in a way I just don't experience on this coast.
- Corollary: it took me a long time of not living in the Midwest to stop associating going outside with feeling miserable, and I should enjoy the outdoors out on this coast when I get the chance.
- I much prefer sleeping in a too-cold room to a too-hot room.
- Arby's can be like Godfather's, to the right people.
- There's something awesomely tactile about the 3G iPhones that the original iPhones somehow lacked. I don't know what it is. In any case, the 3Gs makes me happy.
- I apparently need to see some fish sticks episode of South Park? So says my Dad, anyway.
- It's actually possible to practice moderation at Rochesterfest, once you're old enough. I kinda wish I had gone for a bratwurst though. I'll have to engineer a chance to grill some for myself.

The outdoor lessons might necessitate figuring out how much cash it'll cost to show up at the very last minute to Baitcon... Hmm.
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D&D stuff

Reading the 4th Ed Eberron Player's Handbook is like coming back home... This is what's been missing from D&D all this time, why everything seems so... lackluster.

Freakin' Forgotten Realms.