February 7th, 2009


Dinner/Movie night (3 recipes)

I had a small get-together of folks for dinner and a movie last night. I originally was going to just serve a soufflé, but I realized during the day that that would never be enough food... so I got some more groceries on the way home and added chicken breasts over quinoa and cranberries, and corn chowder to the menu. I was also supposed to make brownies, but I ran out of time.

I started with the Collapse )

Next came the Collapse )

Finally the corn chowder. The addition of this dish made for a lot of extra work in the evening. Without this, it would have been a really easy dinner to cook. Oops. Maybe pre-chopping the veggies would have made it easier.

I used up the rest of my homemade chicken broth in making the corn chowder, and it came out quite nice, even if I eyeballed some of the measurements. I think it had WAY too much onion, in the end, and maybe too much corn. This made it come out a little less chowdery than it could have. Except it's still delicious, so who cares?

As for the movie, well, let's just say The Fountain is a little hard to understand. Maybe there's something good buried in there, but it may involve magic, or time travel, or delusional rantings, or an act of creative writing... It could be any number of things. The next movie night might be lighter fare.