October 14th, 2008

condition clear

no backing out

All you people I've been interacting with in person, congratulations! You no longer have to endure my obsession with making sure I pick exactly the right TV and get it at a good price anymore. I ordered the Samsung LNT-4081F from Crutchfield (via Amazon.com) for $1199 (free shipping). I also got a new TV Stand from Amazon shipped faster than the TV itself, so I should be able to set up for it in advance.

I'll still need some kind of shelving unit to hold the components that don't fit on the TV stand; I'm hoping those will go nicely out of the way in the corner and give the living room a LOT more space.

Now to figure out how long I can hold out before getting some HD sources. And replacing the amp. And... And...

Oh my, I've just cracked open the money spigot, haven't I? Bleah.

how bad?

I know I'm a bad person for thinking it, but the question is, HOW bad am I for reading this article on The Great Schlep (people going to Florida to convince their grandparents to vote for Obama), and thinking "May the Schwartz be with you?"

I'm thinking at least 7 or 8.