October 2nd, 2008



Would people get it if I got a t-shirt made that said "Dole voter for McCain"? (To be fair, this line of thought started more seriously, with me pondering what a "Dean voter for Obama" shirt would mean :)
mind go

Suspending my campaign

I'm suspending my campaign in order to drive immediately to Washington, DC to help out with this bailout business. Once I'm there I'm sure we'll get this whole mess straightened out.

Oh, but first I need to finish out my workday, and then go to a birthday dinner tonight, and get some laundry done, and make sure I have everything I need packed (including some D&D characters for potential LFR play while I'm down there...) I figure... oh... about 26 hours from this announcement to when I'll get there.

But it's absolutely critical I suspend my campaign for this.