September 29th, 2008


What Obama should say

"The bailout bill failed in the House today, and Senator McCain blames Democrats for putting politics ahead of country. Looking at the facts, 59% of Democrats voted for the bill, and 32% of Republicans did. This is clearly a controversial issue that crosses party lines; some, like both Senator McCain and I, believe the bailout to be essential to the continued health of the American economy, while others see it as a handout to the rich, or as unprecedented government meddling in what was once a free market.

"We should not belittle the opposition's apprehension at this large a move. Each member of the House of Representatives has considered the bill at hand, and decided that it was their duty to vote as they did. To call such a vote unpatriotic is an affront to the very core of our government. The idea that congress must in times of crisis act as a rubber stamp to the executive branch's whim is one that must be attacked, and must be exposed as ridiculous in the national discourse.

"I consider it my own duty now to phone up my colleagues in the House, schedule meetings with those that voted nay, and attempt to convince them, through rational discourse, to change their votes. To use intimidation or demagoguery, in this critical time for our nation, is unconscionable. Any attempt to attack individuals based on their vote at this time should be rebuked by the people; every single member of the House of Representatives is doing their duty.

"Except that one guy who registered no vote, what's up with that?"