September 9th, 2008



This article makes me realize I must be the only person in the world to go out of my way to order a Dell keyboard for my new PC. (the one I had PCs for Everyone build for me, a few months back)

Am I the only one to appreciate the quiet perfection of these things? Sure, it's no clicky IBM keyboard, but I seem to have gotten off that kick a while back... and the layout on the Dell is just right, unlike so many others out there. Stupid Microsoft, messing with where the Insert/Delete keys go.

Though I have to admit I've started to like using my Apple keyboard (the new really flat one) with my MacBook Pro laptop on occasion, at home. I don't know that I could program with that thing though; it's just... weird. Or something. Unsatisfying keypresses.

I should try that sometime. Try to really understand how the keyboard affects the creation process for me.