July 25th, 2008

elan montage

Thursday at Comic Con, part 1

Let's see... what did we do?

Walked the floor a bunch more, throughout the day.

Got my How to Make Webcomics signed by 3 of the 4 guys, and got to
talk to Kris Straub about Starslip Crisis
and how awesome it is despite the unexpected premise. Bought a very cool
sketch off of him, need to figure out how to present it when I get home
(framed, maybe?)

Saw Richard Hatch and a bunch of other BSG guys in a panel. Bear McCreary
(the composer) took up a lot of that talk, and some of the fans gushed over
his "Watchtower" version. He had a much-too-long "funny" video of the BSG
cast all saying "Bear who?" after being asked to say something nice about
him. Good idea, with an SNL-like execution. There was some talk about the
older vision of the BSG restart, and I have just one thing to say about
that: Thank God for Ron Moore.

Then, I went to see Activision with Stan Lee, somewhat at shaggy_man's prodding, but also out of curiosity. Good stuff in
that talk, getting some idea how the process works between the game company
and Marvel (he showed off some "Marvel-approved" material specifications,
where they showed what textures they would put where on Thor, and the level
of detail was pretty incredible.)

Stan was just the right amount of funny and awesome up there, letting the
video game stuff take center stage. He also repeatedly talked about how
envious he was of these guys working in this medium that he couldn't even
begin to fathom back in the day. Quite classy.

I went to "Sci-Fi That Will Change Your Life" but it was a full room and
quite stuffy and I ended up leaving 5 minutes in. I think I can look
up the related column at io9.com and get the info there. Here's their
writeup of what
I missed
, anyway.
elan montage

Thursday at Comic Con, part 2

After that, I went to the panel on Collapse )

I went to "Episodic Adventure Games" but it was boring so I left. I need to
decide if I want to take advantage of the Con special of $50 for both
seasons 1 and 2 of Sam & Max over at their booth, sometime before I go. And
apparently there's a Strongbad game coming out soon?

I decided to skip the Dexter panel at the last minute when I
realized, I'm a full season out of date and they're going to be talking
about what happened there. Spoilers would have been abundant. Dang.

We all got back together (well, all but the one of my group that got his
flight cancelled last night. Ugh. It figures it would be our own "guest of
honor" that would get screwed by the weather.) and headed out for dinner.
We ended up at The Gaslamp Strip Club, A Steak Place. It turns out it's a
restaurant where you cook your own steak on the communal grills. It was
quite tasty, though a good time was only had by some ("Why would we go to a
restaurant just to cook our own food?").

Then we popped over to the USS Midway where they were holding a
screening of Stargate: Contiuum. We only had two tickets for the
four of us, but we thought maybe we could convince them to let all of us in
or something. By the time we were at the front of the line we had three
tickets, and they weren't going to let a fourth in, since it was down to the
wire... So I went back to the hotel room while the rest watched. Worked
out pretty well, really, since I was wiped out and really don't mind waiting
til that airs (and I might even miss it then). I'm glad one more person
behind me in line got to see it.

And that's Thursday.

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I find I have to use post-by-mail at the moment since the network connection
I have here in the hotel room seems to allow everything through *except* LJ
posts, whether it's by web form or iJournal. Weird. Anyway, sorry about
the formatting on those last two posts, I'll fix them once I'm back...