July 11th, 2008



Ya THINK?!? Backlash for surveillance vote. Yep! That's us!

And here's the money quote, the quote that explains exactly what is wrong with the United States today, July 11, 2008:
Bush signed the bill into law on Thursday, saying the bill "will help help us meet our most solemn responsibility: to stop another attack."

FISA part 3

Ok. So I read the rest of that article. This is interesting...

The bill does not grant the telecommunication companies direct immunity, but it does contain a provision that allows a federal judge to dismiss the suits if the companies can present a letter from the government stating that the program was legal.

So, in court, the telecom needs to present this letter, from the government—from some individual in the government—that states that the program is legal. Letters each company had at the time they granted the wiretaps.

I think I might be able to live with that. It shifts the legal burden away from the corporation, onto the government agent that has assured the telecom that they're obeying the law. But it does not eliminate culpability altogether; someone's ass is still on the line.

It's not unreasonable to expect a company to believe the government when it tells them an action is legal, is it? It's certainly unfair to require them to retain lawyers to be ready to answer that question at a moment's notice at all times...

Hmm. My rage is subsiding. This may be okay.


I should figure out a list of everyone I need to see that's going to be at Comic*Con - I've never gone to a con where the main event is to meet people and see stuff... my usual con is full of D&D.

Charlie Stross (I need to read more of him before I meet him! What comes after Singularity Sky anyway?)
countless webcomics authors... R. Stevens? Chris Onstad? Scott Kurtz? Who knows? I've lost track!
Um... Yeah. So yeah, list.