May 26th, 2008


finally did it

At Matthew's recommendation I've been mulling over the idea of a Fujitsu ScanSnap S510 for my document-handling needs. (His well-written review is here.) It is apparently a one-step document scanning/OCR solution that, when combined with certain other PDF-indexing software (memo to self: find such software for Windows RSN), lets you take all your paper, scan it, and shred it.

I have a packrat mentality and can not seem to bring myself to shred my old (circa 1998) credit card bills. I figure this is a way to make that possible, and get rid of a LOT of the paper cluttering up my room.

I finally went and looked and found a way to get the thing for about $75 less than I expected to pay ($350 instead of $425). Microsoft's search ( has a deal where they kick back some of the referral bonus they get to the buyer, just plain old cash back. So I went and looked at the sites they had listed, and voila,, $410 minus $10 cash back from the bribe.

But when I clicked through, I saw that has a cash-back rebate going on even as we speak, for $50! Looking through the fine print I can't find any way these two rebates conflict with each other... So $350 with free estimated next-day UPS shipping (3-day guaranteed). Makes all the waiting and agonizing seem worthwhile :)

We'll see how I feel after I have a ton of PDFs of old and new bills on my hard drive.