April 29th, 2008


Banning "Truck Nutz"

Some Florida lawmakers are trying to ban ... er... let me start from the beginning.

Apparently there's a thing in the south where people hang fake plastic testicles from the trailer hitch of their trucks. Jeffrey Rowland has already railed against them, but then righteously says today "I never wanted the government to get involved in the vehicular genitalia adornment industry!"

The Florida house has moved to ban these, but the senate hasn't included that part in their version of the bill. This is an interesting question of freedom of expression and such, but one sentence in the linked article caught my eye:
In a spirited debate laced with double entendre, Senate lawmakers questioned whether the state should curtail freedom of expression in vehicle accessories.
It gives me some hope that it's at least being debated, but more importantly, it gives me hope that they clearly have a sense of humor about it. I would really like to see that transcript...

Gore's The Assault on Reason complains about the lack of debate in the federal legislatures, how the ability to convince or be convinced is no longer part of the job. Seeing that the people getting elected to lower offices are at least capable of debate is a little bit heartening.

workout tonight

My trainer cancelled for tonight, but I feel like trying to get something in anyway. I plan on going to Boston Sports Club tonight to try to get a workout in, seeing how much of the workout I can remember. I hope to at least do the warmup stuff - that I have down pat.

I've asked the trainer in email for some ideas, but I will likely just be making it all up tonight. Anyone want to join me over there around 8:30? Do I even know members of that club? Hm, I can think of one...


I'm an entertainment consumer. With few, scant, exceptions. Time to make sure I hold onto those exceptions, expand them a little, and branch into other territory.

Webcomics: consume [having vague thoughts about getting into producing...]
Video games: consume [used to dream of producing these... whatever happened?]
D&D: consume, and produce a little [DMing one game, playing in three.]
TV/online video: consume a few shows [TV Production was an incredibly fun class in high school...]
Humor blogs: consume [with the occasional joke or funny thing here]
Books: consume [never really thought much about writing fiction... hmm]
Music: best inroads so far on production, thanks to forgotten_aria, honeyartichoke, and Z... as well as ENSMB, who sold me a trombone and lessons. Oops, I should probably schedule those.

What am I waiting for? I'm ready now, I can get any supplies I need, I can make it happen if I put my mind to it. There isn't any more "when I grow up, I want to..."—this is it.

This is, to some extent, a follow-up to my post about "my thing."