February 26th, 2008


WoTC online

Everything I have seen so far has made me worried that WoTC's so-called online focus for 4th edition D&D is going to be a disaster.

This exclusive Boing-Boing Gadgets preview gallery of D&D Insider is continuing that trend. This looks only incrementally better than the crappy demo shots they had at the Gen Con announcement last year. They have so far to go, and so little time in which to traverse the distance.

The real shame is this: because they are trying to make money off the computer tools associated with Dungeons and Dragons, they are much more likely to go and shut down any third-party tool makers. HeroForge 4th Ed? Much more likely to get sued out of existence than the 3rd Ed version. The PCGen data files D&D and all the add-on books? Completely out the window (as we've known since last summer when WoTC rescinded the license).

Reverting to a single legal source for this software is going to throw D&D computer aids back to the stone ages. All in the name of some crappy 3d animation that is completely unnecessary to the game.


It occurs to me that I don't really have much desire to go on my upcoming vacation at this time.

If I weren't giving a friend a ride to DC... hmm, I wonder if he'd be willing to take the train if I paid for it.

I think once we're on the road I'll feel better. I just want to get stuff done.

35 years

Come March 15, I will be 35 years old.

An offhand comment by my friend SG gave me the inspiration that I need to throw an "As Experienced As Hillary" party sometime soon. I'll be arriving by plane that morning on a red-eye. Maybe I'll be recovered enough to do it that Saturday night?

one more thing

What a difference a good workout makes for one's mood. Wow. Maybe it helps that I also think I broke a mental logjam during the workout, that will allow me to make some real progress at work tomorrow. The stress has melted away, for one reason or the other.

A brisk walk/jog over the course of 15 minutes, with six 30-second sprints in there. I did not know I had it in me.

I really need new shoes. Badly.