February 20th, 2008


tonight's workout

One hour, and my ass was thoroughly kicked. Let me see if I can remember all I did. People have been curious, and I think I can remember this one reasonably well.

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In any case, this is the kind of thing I spend an hour on, twice a week. Well, actually, this is one set of exercises he puts me through; the other set is on Saturdays, and I'll try to document that at some point, too.

Now to find two times I can spend 30-45 minutes at the gym between now and Saturday, so I can do some of the prescribed cardio. Thursday and Friday mornings, before work, seem likely suspects.

Fenris ate the moon

me: fenris ate the moon.
abilouise: it's true
me: that jerk
we were saving that for fondue
abilouise: yeah!
me: housemates can be so inconsiderate. sharing a solar system doesn't mean you can just take anything out of the fridge
abilouise: but he regurgitated it
not even appreciating it!
me: oh sure THAT will make good fondue
abilouise: <LOL>
(actually doing so, not just typing it)
me: we forgot to use our giant space laser to carve our name in it
so i guess it is technically our fault
abilouise: our household uses a green dot system
me:we didn't do that either
abilouise: we left some junk on it.
and a flag!
the flag should definitely count for something
me: you're totally right about the flag