January 29th, 2008

elan montage


So, yeah. Hell Night at East Coast Grill at 5:30pm. The hottest thing I had was the pickled jalepeno I had off the plate they set down as we sat. But the food was all hot, and all extremely good. Our hearty band of eight ex-coworkers was down to six thanks to a work trip and a badly-timed illness, but we still had a good time.

After that, I got a ride home, and hit the gym at 8:30pm. What a workout! Half an hour of warming up (though I need to remember in the future - warm up, THEN stretch. Never stretch cold muscles) followed by an hour of personal trainer exercise.

Started with "dynamic warmup" (various ways of crossing the room while kicking up, kicking my own butt, or shuffling). We went on to core exercises - on my stomach, raise legs and arms, make little circles. Or kick in the air. Or whatever. It's all a blur. Then clock walk - feet in the center of the clock, push-up position, walk your head from noon to 3pm and back, then to 9pm and back.

Then came the shoulder work. Arms straight out, make little circles. Ok, go the other way. Ok, now bring them up. Ok, now bring them forward. Ok, now lift invisible dumbells. Ok, now just hold your arms out there. "It burns!!!" I know it burns, just do it! After that it was downhill for difficulty - throwing the medicine ball while I stood on the bouncy platform, and working on a couple of the machines. I learned the necessary form for those.

So now I'm a bit buzzed. I should find a way to do this in the mornings before work. I think I'd be more productive in the mornings... Maybe some simpler stuff that I can do myself would do the trick.

Oh, and the hot food doesn't seem to have hurt the workout too much, though I was really scared it might. Just a couple times it felt a little tight in the stomach as I was trying to work muscles that wanted to just sit there while I digested.