January 12th, 2008

elan montage

Quite the week (long)

Last Friday night - walked to Inman Square after work to Collapse )

Last Saturday morning - my second trip to the gym, and my first Collapse )

Last Saturday night - attempted Collapse )

Last Sunday - had a headache all day and evening. Collapse )

Monday evening - QED, near-future sci fi RPG with twe, ilhander, and others. We started working on a Collapse )

Tuesday evening - went to Odaiko New England's Taiko workshop with forgotten_aria, twitch124, and karynwashere. It was the Collapse )

Wednesday evening - ran my own D&D Game, Collapse )

Thursday evening, part one - a few weeks back I got a call from Toyota about a Collapse )

Thursday evening, part two - WoW, dcltdw's group's raid on Collapse )

Friday morning - waited for the bus in the pouring rain, made my way to Lechmere and the Galleria with time to spare for my Collapse )

Friday night, part one - my next personal trainer appointment, for Collapse )

Friday night, part two - "*gasp* now I have to hurry up and get over to bryant's place and try to hack together the character for the RPG in the last minutes before starting at 7:30... No, wait. What did that email thread say again? It's cancelled?" I have to admit I took a deep sigh of relief at having a free evening last night.

Friday night, part three - On top of that, I got a packaged from Amazon yesterday. Collapse )

Today, so far - second exercise meeting with Collapse )

So that's most of the news over this whirlwind of a week. Outside of the work stuff, which is interesting in other ways.