October 3rd, 2007


Ze Pittsburgh

Last week I went on a trip to Pittsburgh, for work. My small Boston team has a Pittsburgh counterpart, so we were getting together for various transfers of knowledge and hangings-out. There were several aspects to the trip, ranging from pleasant to awesome.

Getting out there was relaxing in its own way. A cab ride with a pleasant local cabbie, arrival about half an hour early, a stop at Legal's for a chowder and a beer... arrival, pickup of the rental, driving to the hotel, all went like clockwork. This is what it's like once you've done this enough that you're not constantly worrying about what you've forgotten. It's taken me years to get here. I like this feeling.

Work, and social time with coworkers, was Collapse )

Tuesday night, dinner at binkbink's place, with her and our WoW friend Greg. Not just any dinner, but a pretty full turkey dinner with all the fixins. She was talking the whole thing down, how it was missing a side that needed to be there, or the timing of the serving was less than perfect, but all in all, it was great. I finally got to see the edifice that is her house; very nice, indeed, and I imagine in its heyday it was amazing. It's kind of like her Delorean, in some ways. Totally unorthodox in both brilliant and unfortunate ways.

Wednesday was dinner out, with the same two coworkers. We ate at Pink Elephant in Squirrel Hill; amazing tapas and some very nice wine (a Zinfandel? But it wasn't uber-sweet... huh). This was the day the thunderstorm was at its Midwest finest, with some nice flashes and booms, big raindrops, and just nice weather-y weather.

Thursday, I hung out in the hotel room, decompressing from a few days of activity. A little reading, a little tv, a little WoW, it was good. Hotel rooms are relaxing, on account of it's uncluttered, unlike my own room. Tried to watch Heroes off NBC's crappy video-on-demand site, but it failed on that hotel net.

Friday was a long day at work, as I launched a [redacted] and got to meet some of the nooks and crannies of our process. On top of that, both E and J were off on their weekend trips, so I got to do it relatively solo. It gave me the best look I've had yet at what I'm working on.

Saturday... deserves its own post, thanks to blk.