September 18th, 2007


D&D 4e

Yep. They're changing the game. Free D&D Insider membership required to read the article, but here's an excerpt:

What sets wizards apart from others who wield arcane magic are wizards’ unique implements. Most people recognize the three most common tools associated with wizardcraft: the orb, staff, and wand.

Any wizard can use an implement to increase the effectiveness of his spells. Just as a warrior gains a benefit when attacking an enemy with a magic sword, so does a wizard benefit from using a magic orb, staff, or wand with his spellcasting. In addition, each implement focuses magic of a particular discipline or tradition more effectively than the wizard would be able to accomplish otherwise. As a result, wizards are rarely without at least one of these tools.



A bit down and introspective, stopping me from really making progress on prep for tomorrow's D&D run. I'll get something together though, I'm sure. I've got a couple of ideas for things that can happen tomorrow, anyway :)

Work is the least stressful part of life these days, it seems. I'm enjoying it greatly, and feel like I really do have it kind of together over there.

Had a good trip to Minnesota this past weekend. It was my friend's birthday (a semi-round number, no less), and his wife put out the call for friends to show up and surprise him... So Friday night at the end of the workday, we lined up upstairs to come downstairs "in increasing order of astonishment." I think we really got him; it was great :) I played several board games over the weekend and caught up with some folks. Good times.

The flights out and back were interesting in their own ways. Northwest was actually quite efficient and friendly, and I even struck up a good conversation with a stranger on the way out.

Tonight was cooking some dinner with ceelove and catching up on things. It turns out that squash chiffon pie is excellent though. And the popcorn I brought back from rural Minnesota ain't half bad either... though I wish I had gotten more varieties to bring back. The little one is most impressively large over there, though. Wow.

I continue to need to straighten out my own priorities.

I am going to be in Pittsburgh next week, Sunday night to Sunday afternoon. Let me know if you want to get dinner or something. :)