July 22nd, 2007


rational decisions

God, I've been rereading the whole archives of Achewood this weekend, and damn if this one ain't the truth.


There are so many links I would like to post, the whole archive is just awesome. Perhaps I will grow me some facial hair... on second thought, no.

I stayed home from Sunday at Bisbeecon for fear of pushing my sore throat back into the foreground of my health picture, and despite the upsides of the day (getting lunch with a friend, getting to see the Theatre at First Festival) I am really wishing I was out there. Lots of folks busy or out of town today, so I'm ordering some steak tip dinner and eating in front of the TV, methinks.

I can't quite motivate myself to read more Harry Potter. Maybe because I can't seem to sit anywhere comfortably. What's up with that?

Improvement of my life processes will begin when I start making rational decisions. I'll let you know when I start.