July 3rd, 2007

elan montage


So yeah, I made the plunge Sunday morning. Drove over to the CambridgeSide Galleria a little before 11, planning to wait in line til the doors opened at 11... Found them already open; lots of stores were already open, actually, so I'm not sure what the hours actually are over there. Or maybe the Apple store opened early for iPhone weekend.

Anyway, I walked in, said "got any 8G phones?" and they said "Yep." I paused... said "give me a minute to think" and went over to the display to play with one again. And was once again amazed at the UI on the thing. And the screen. The screen is sooooo beautiful. So anyway, I went back over to the counter and got one. It was really easy! No Wii-like pain of waiting repeatedly in lines only to be thwarted at the rising of the sun.

This, my friends, is the first phone in the history of mankind that doesn't suck. Plain and simple.

But there are things I'll miss about my Collapse ) To be honest, the difficulty signing up on Sunday wasn't about the cost of the iPhone, it was about the loss of the 6682. If I could move the SIM back and forth between the devices I'd be ecstatic right now.

On the other hand, the sealed-ness of the iPhone makes it feel truly solid, and I see why they did it. It is amazing how fragile it doesn't feel.

I could go on about it, but Jered's post says a lot of what I would say about it, and he said it first. His post was one of the things that really helped me decide to jump.


I'm a little surprised that HR doesn't have the capability of capping my 401(k) contributions to the (Federal maximum) minus (contributions from previous job in this year). I don't want to have to do the math myself, dammit. :)

Aw, crap.

There I was, playing my Wii, swinging for the rafters in Wii Sports Baseball, when the cord snaps on the Wiimote and it flies out of my hand...

...and promptly smashes the screen on my iPhone.

Hmm, do they sell AppleCare on these things?

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