June 4th, 2007

elan montage

Things to post about

Saturday - The big "Weird Al" Yankovic concert in NY (featuring "Albuquerque"! Awesome!)
Thursday-Friday - my stay with Scott and Christi, Khan's for lunch (sorry, zachrabak :)
Thursday night - dinner at Jenpachi japanese steak house (theatrical!) w/ Scott and zachrabak

This damn allergy/cold/whatever sore throat thing

Speculation about the opening sequence for the next season of Heroes

Startide Rising and Sundiver by David Brin. Great action, smart mysteries, and a kickass universe. Looking forward to more of that stuff.

Jacob Demwa's personality thing in Sundiver and how it is vaguely relevant to me.

Plans for this upcoming week. Cleaning room, prepping my system for "periodic life events" - a system for automatic self-reminders of stuff. Get my calendar together in general. Organize, organize, organize.

Um... probably other stuff. I'm probably not going to actually get around to posting this.