April 20th, 2007



About to declare boredom and get out the door on this, the last day of code freeze, when my boss yells over the cube wall, "Chris, you there?"

One sekrit bonus bug to fix before heading home for the weekend. Yay!

Anyone want to hang out this evening? I could watch TV, go for a walk, hang out at Diesel, drive somewhere, see a movie, get a dinner mob together. But I can't decide what to try for, or who to tap. So, late-afternoon/early-evening LJ-checkers, ping me.


Phone call on the way home got me into Indian dinner at some friends' little get-together, and after that, I will think about blues at Johnny D's, since it start nice and late, at 9:45.

Hm, I guess it's probably about time to delete my "soxdamon" LJ icon... unless some old posts are using it. I presume those revert to the default icon. It'd be nice to have a search/replace. Even better would be a feature when you go to delete an icon, where it just asks you what to replace it with in the archives.