April 16th, 2007


weekend update

Finally filed my freaking taxes.

This weekend had way too much WoW in it.

At least the reason I couldn't stop playing yesterday was that friends I hadn't gotten to play much with were on and active. (Hi honeyartichoke and... er... does he have an LJ? :) Bithian, my Tauren Warrior, is now 30, up from 27.

At least Saturday was virtuous and social in more healthy ways. I got to meet daryavesh and even help out in my own small way — I mostly helped by holding, lifting, and carrying various children. :)

I need to go stove shopping one of these days. Once this happens, it will be possible to make blackberry grunt, and frozen pizza, in the oven, again. Also, I'll try to get these guys take away the old washer from the basement (unlike the last two or three people baronet paid to do it.)

Life's pretty good. There are parts I shouldn't mess with, too much. There are other parts that I should totally mess with, but hey. What are you going to do?