March 18th, 2007



So I've been meaning to call the Holiday Inn in Stamford for a few weeks now to make reservations for a hotel room for ConnCon this weekend... And to try to find someone to split it with me, since having a room of one's own at a con, while it can be a bit luxurious, is also expensive.

Tonight, a friend sent me email asking about rooming, since his roommate bailed on him. Seems like things work out like this more often than not, actually. Lameness often turns out to have been efficiency, retroactively, in my life.

My high school honors English teacher once said that I knew exactly what I could get away with, and did... I think she was right; there's a piece of me that feels Just Right when the numbers add up exactly, with no remainder, and not coming up short. If I had already locked myself into a room and been unable to do the efficient thing here, I would have found the situation frustrating.

I hope this doesn't prove to be a problem, now that I've gotten a Gen Con room reservation that has a cancellation penalty.