February 16th, 2007


Checkpoint 1 achieved

(Originally written yesterday morning, starting during the small window I had Internet access for at Blake's place... for some reason I lost access before I could post)

Stayed with bdeakin in New Jersey last night, and now I'm thinking about how to proceed with the day. I think no matter what I'm missing the 1:00 slot at the con, so I might as well relax this morning.

The drive was kinda crappy, especially in the north, but I generally felt like I was able to drive faster than the other cars on the road safely. The Camry really handled it well, especially since I did a couple all-around checks between leaving work and getting on the highway. I made sure tire pressure was up to full, cleaned off all the windows thoroughly, and made sure the windshield wipers were making full contact with the glass.

At a couple points I suspected I was further left than lanes actually existed; lane markers were hidden under slush generally.

I'll probably get a small breakfast with my host, and then catch up with S&K who are visiting from North Carolina real quick before really hitting the road.

safely in DC, enjoying myself

I made it in yesterday afternoon, with enough time to relax a little before my first game in the evening. Overall, so far I'm pretty happy with the way this trip has gone.

The only issue I have is with the internet access. $10/day? Guh.

Oh, also, I'm kinda tired and blah feeling after sleeping on a cot last night. I took this afternoon's slot off to get a nap, but first, I'm catching up on a little net stuff.

Two good games so far, and it looks likely I'll try out two or three more (tomorrow morning and Sunday morning, and maybe Saturday afternoon) before I'm done here.