November 27th, 2006

condition clear

fever broken

So this past week I've been feeling general blahs, and vaguely under the weather... Since flying out of Ontario airport from Gen Con So-Cal, really. I went to work three days last week, got some writing done for the design doc, and dealt with a little customer request here or there. Thursday I went through the motions of attending chenoameg's holiday feast, and the people and food were amazing, and I was upgraded from "enh" to "all right".

Today, I started out kinda blah, went through a phase of really tired, napped partway through a rented movie I watched with friends, and then played some WoW.

After the raid was over (it only took 3:12 for MC! woo!) I suddenly realized I was hungry. And wasn't coughing. And... well... a cup of tea and some ramen w/ turkey later, I felt better than I have in a while.

Accomplishments while in the fog:
  • bought a new microwave (the old one had earned the nickname 'sparky'), bought a new electric kettle, bought a big pile of new tea, threw out the old tea with expiration dates around the turn of the century...
  • set up a new network adapter for my PC (wireless is a little less consistent, but the wire to the closet had gone to consistently completely dead - the wireless may only be a stopgap... I hope)
  • went on three raids in three days (AQ40 (killed Skeram!), BWL (got boots and a trinket), and MC (um... 3:12!))...
  • went to the optometrist, ordered new glasses (in a new style, for me!) and contact lenses (which will be a totally new experience). He says that Lasik is for people who aren't moving targets... hopefully in a year or so I can go back and get a new exam and discover that my prescription isn't changing. The glasses he measured are a few years old, and my astigmatism (I have astigmatism? I didn't even know!) rotated a little... We kinda let the Lasik conversation drop on the floor at some point during the conversation about glasses and contacts, though, so maybe he'd be willing to consult more about it. I dunno.
Also, I think I'm not going to continue the 365-day photo thing. I'm too far behind, and have missed many of the intervening days. If I were to do it, I'd start fresh from a new starting point. But... I need to change my lifestyle some to accommodate something like that. On bad days my life involves very few steps in the outdoors; house to car, car to work, work to car, car to house. Those are extremes, but they do occur.


Oh, and friends who actually go to the theatre and watch movies are great. Did that Saturday.

Casino Royale - incredibly good stunts up front, and great plot. It came really close to topping the whole franchise off.

Not that I could name one that does it better...
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Looks like I spoke too soon about getting better.

The good news is, my car's engine was still warmed up by the time I left work to drive back home, so I got extremely good mileage on that drive.