November 15th, 2006


Day 5/365

Cooking Thursday Style

On my way home I really really started to feel an urge for beanie weanies (a.k.a. franks & beans, or numerous other names), so I stopped at a Store 18 and picked up a can of baked beans... This is a picture of the feast I assembled.

(November 9, 2006)

Day 6/365

Cooking Friday Style

Today we got the day off from work, in order to go to the department celebration for shipping RFID Enterprise Server 2.0. We all convened at the Cambridge Culinary Institute at 10:30, and split into two groups to prep our Tuscan meals. Each team had a professional chef helping us. I chose to make the soup (someone remind me the full name of it? It had farro in it) since it looked like one of the more interesting recipes. I think it came out very nicely - mine's the one on the right, with the spinach in it. (It was supposed to have kale, but they didn't have any. Our chef dug up some spinach to use instead...) I learned how to chop vegetables (I always always used sliced carrots in recipes that called for chopped - no longer!)

The whole spread is better visible at this link if you're interested. And you can see my coworkers in general if you look around that gallery. There's even one of me - though I think it's rather unflattering.

(November 10, 2006)

Day 7/365

A little D&D

A touch of gaming with a few friends. My guy's the rightmost figurine on the board in this picture, the little one trying to make all the hags laugh.

Sorry about the mass nature of this catchup... I'll try to be better in the future.

(November 11, 2006)
dagny prophecy

Day 8/365

A little WoW

My camera was out in the car all day, so I'm substituting a screnshot of the raid charts for Sunday night's Molten Core raid that Dagny went on. Since bdeakin wasn't going all out healing, I got to be top healer! It was a fun run, with time split between tank healing and just moving around and healing where needed.

Do any other priests have fun with the game where you sit just outside the range of Magmadar's fear aura, and wait for it to hit... then see how many you can dispel before it runs out? Or is it just me?

(November 12, 2006)

Day 9/365

Another One Joins Us

My coworker got her Toyota Camry Hybrid over the weekend. She was willing to wait a lot longer for hers than I was for mine, so she got the color she wanted. Also, her center console doesn't squeak. Maybe I should ask my dealer about that.

Join the Hybrid movement! Add precious Smug to the atmosphere!

(November 13, 2006)

Day 10/365

Multitasking in Preparation

In preparing for the trip to Gen Con SoCal tomorrow, I'm ripping DVDs, putting them on my iPod, doing laundry, looking into putting more books on my Sony Reader, and... um... gratuitously propping up the PSP in front of the computer to make it look like I'm doing more stuff. I'm also doing laundry and folding it, and taking time out to play Martian Chess with housemates' houseguests.

(November 14, 2006)
condition clear

Westward, Ho!

In a bit I'll be going to the airport to fly to Ontario... California. From there I'll catch an airport shuttle to the Anaheim Convention Center, where I'll geek out for like four and a half days, at Gen Con So Cal.

Hey, yandros and lemurtanis, see ya soon!

In the intervening time, I will have only my phone for email and web browsing. If you need to contact me, phone me.