November 8th, 2006


ok, so we got it...

Now what do we do with it?

I wonder if we can get that stem cell research bill through and override a veto, this time through...
We can, apparently, let Bush's tax cuts end simply through inaction...

How do we put our money where our mouth is, though, with respect to the Iraq war? The Democrats daren't force Bush's hand by refusing to fund it; that just puts troops in danger. Can we repeal an authorization for hostilities? Seems kinda weird.

Can we repeal the Military Tribunals Act? The Patriot Act? Make Bush veto some bills that give back civil rights to the people...

This has been an exciting night, and it has kept me up way too late. Congrats to Tim Walz, Andy Welti, and Tina Liebling back in Minnesota, and to Deval Patrick here in Massachusetts. Congratulations to the new incoming freshman senators.

Sorry, Lincoln Chafee. That was a mighty expensive "(R)" there; 18% of the people who "Strongly Approved" of your handling of your job voted for the other guy. It's monumentally important, though, that the Dems get some control over what legislation reaches the Senate floor. Committee leadership is vital; we need to get some fresh debates onto the floor. So you may have been a decent guy who voted against the torture bill, but... I'm glad, in the end, that you're out. I wonder what this Whitehouse chap is like.

It'd be nice to see the Dems take on some of these voting issues we're seeing here. A national policy on voting machine requirements would be nice. Federal money to fund a mandate for machines would be even nicer. Watch Bush try to veto that. Touchscreen paperless voting machines my ass.

I took my 365 project entry hours ago... I'll upload it in the morning.
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Day 3/365

Voting Day

Since I disagree strongly with the Question 5 and 6 people in Somerville, I get to be amused at the incredulous looks these signs get from the other sign-holders present at the polls yesterday morning.


Day 4/365


The front stairwell of our house has ivy growing on it, and it's gone all colorful for the season! If you click on the next images after going to the gallery here, the remaining photos look like they're part of the same series, don't they? This photo, I took before leaving for work this morning; the next photo, I took upon getting home after dark, with a flash. I would have expected the lighting differences to be a lot more pronounced...

What is Project 365 to me? So far it's been just an attempt to keep my camera on me, and to take photos that grabbed my fancy. twe talks about it additionally as a way of recording "a year in the life"... So far my photos haven't done much for that. Of course, for me, a year in the life would consist largely of cubicle photos and World of Warcraft screenshots, so, I guess I may just keep on going along these lines. We shall see. I'm keeping my eyes open for more opportunity for representative photos.