August 1st, 2006


eventful past week

  • car started sounding funny
  • ran a game
  • sold some stock
  • took the car to A&M
  • rode the bus home from work (kinda liked it) (action item 1: get combo pass for august)
  • call from A&M informed me that fixing the mechanical problems with my car would cost $4,000
  • (WoW) took Dagny to Molten Core, got third piece of Prophecy
  • performed additional research on cars, discovering that some good options include Toyota Camry (Hybrid available), Honda Accord (Hybrid discontinued), or Ford Five Hundred. Finally dismissed the idea of getting a smaller, cheaper car like the Scion xA
  • Went to the Toyota dealership, test drove a Camry Hybrid at noon, got hyp-mo-tized
  • Bought a car, left at 6pm (Reminder to future self: never buy a car in that state of mind again. It turned out well this time, but walk away unconditionally, and come back after at least a day's contemplation.)
  • Saw X3 again with surrealestate and plumtreeblossom. They wouldn't listen to my warnings. The sequel better redeem this thing. I suspect it could be possible.
  • Had a small brunch with the folks for my D&D game Sunday afternoon. Omelettes, waffles, and bacons were all enjoyed. Smaller crowd meant I was able to actually spend time with guests. Gotta do it again, on this scale.
  • Finally got some idea of which way is up in baronet's D&D campaign
  • (WoW) took Dagny to Ahn'Qiraj (20), got Ring of Infinite Wisdom, Gloves of Dark Wisdom. Afterwards, got sucked into a pick-up group going to Zul'gurub, winning Cloak of the Hakkari. Great loot night, and I'm under 1600 points from being revered by the Cenarion Circle. At that point, I get my Shroud of Infinite Wisdom.
  • Got mocked by coworkers for buying a car two days after saying "I'm going to be strong and just get the Passat repaired, so it'll last at least another couple of years." I don't think the math adds up for doing that, given what I found out the actual cost of the repairs was going to be... but my doubts will continue to nag.
  • Enjoyed driving the new car. A lot.

bullet list

There was actually a story hidden in that bullet list. I'm not sure that's how lj is supposed to be written.

Also, I should expand on "ran a game" sometime. I seem to be figuring this GMing thing out... At least I hope I am. I knew the direction I wanted the last run to go in, wrote up some quick stats for some folks, thought of how to present the situation, and made them work their way out of it.

I probably could have made them squirm a little more, but ... I'm still not very good at being "tough." One more thing to work on... this is kind of a situation where role-playing can act a little like therapy ;-)

We shall see... we shall see...

I try to make a sympathetic "Good Guy" character who's at odds with the party, and what do they do? They reason with him! Bah. :)