May 13th, 2006


how embarrassing...

Minnesota's on this list of states facing penalties because they didn't "make enough effort to comply" with No Child Left Behind on time.

From one of the top states in the country, to this ... in a matter of years.

People who've been paying closer attention than I, who do I blame for this? Jesse? Bush? Pawlenty?



The DaVinci Code movie had a neat little set of puzzles that you could play from your homepage. They were releasing one a day until, I guess, yesterday or so. I'd done the first 16, I think, out of 20...

And then today I go to my homepage and see "The DaVinci Code puzzles are now completed. Go see the movie."

I don't get to finish the puzzles! Bah. I never cared about any sort of prize that went with it, I was just having (a mild amount of) fun!

*throws hands up*