May 3rd, 2006



User Friendly reminds me that one of my goals this year is to make a canoeing trip happen this summer. Anyone have any suggestions?

It could be an MITOC-style trip, getting up damn early to load canoes on top of cars, go north, park one car at the end, load the canoes in the water, boat down, send the car back for the other cars, load up, and go home extremely tired and fulfilled... Or it could be one of those fancier kinds where you pay more money and the canoes are up there already and they rent them to you and take care of a lot of the niggling details. I'm not sure which way I'd want to go this year.

Is there a way to organize this thing such that parents can bring kids along, too? I would guess it's between "really tough" and "impossible" for the <1-year-olds, and almost up to the "vaguely feasible" for the parents with 1- to 2-year-olds? These categories are including more and more of my friends these days...