April 3rd, 2006

dagny embrace

weekend of WoW

Hmm... maybe I was just using WoW to avoid the work I told myself I'd do this weekend. I punted several things to "try to get some work done" and ended up punting the work for the game.

I'm thinking that this weekend's hours spent playing the game was more avoidance of work than addiction to game. I think the amount of Freecell I played, and the amount of Netflix I caught up on, backs that idea up.


Things I used to do but don't anymore
  • building model airplanes
  • play piano
  • play french horn and/or trumpet
  • fly kites
  • paint miniatures
  • take photos for photography sake
  • video production
Things I used to want to do once I had the means, but haven't done
  • fly remote control planes
I bet that second list should be longer. A couple of things on the first list are so rusty they should almost be on the second list, as "find out what's changed in this since I stopped doing it, and invest in tools for it."