March 19th, 2006


gaming weekend

So I left work at 7:30 on Friday and, after dropping baronet off at home, headed to the good ol' Stamford Holiday Inn, for ConnCon, where I was registered to run some games, even though I had yet to sign up to play any games.

It went very well. 4-6 hours of sleep a night, up at 7 to get to the 8am game I was running each day, a $2 bottle of diet coke from the hotel vending machines to keep me going... The first mod went very, very well. The players there were quite good, and supportive of a first-time GM (well, first time at a Con, anyway). I was glad to find that I knew the module very well, just from having played it once and having skimmed it late in the week.

The 1pm module was my greatest fear, though - the module I hadn't yet had a chance to set eyes on. I skimmed it at lunch, and discovered that it would be challenging, but I was pretty sure I could pull it off. Then I got to the marshalling and found seven GMs assigned for three tables. So poor con planning saved my day - I got released, and I got to play one of Reyn's homemade games.

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All in all, I played in two mods, and ran two mods, and paid CostCo a visit on the way back home, getting home around 6. I bought smoothie fixin's, and made myself a trial smoothie. It came out with about twice as much smoothie as I expected; the frozen berries I got at CostCo are going to go a long, long way. Anyone have suggested smoothie recipes? (See upcoming post, I guess, since I expect most people interested in smoothie talk won't have gotten this far through the gaming talk :)

I took a nap in a Connecticut rest stop, about half an hour, on the way back. That felt really good. I left the car stereo on while I slept, and the driver's seat was quite restful.