March 16th, 2006

real me


What a great day... Fixing bugs from 9 to 7, then things settled down well enough that I could actually justify leaving work at a sane hour, on the one night this week I didn't already have evening plans. I'm liking the rush of rapid bugfix mode... though I need to curb it some and double-check things better before checkin.

The westward view out the window in our Burlington office was breathtaking today - at times dingy, at times clear blue... but the best times were the interface between clouds and blue. When it's snowing outside, and cloudy to the horizon, it's really amazing to look up at a blue bald spot up there.

The evening was rescued by yandros, tirianmal, lemurtanis, elsinoreblue, and their housemate N, and dinner at Friday's. On them. You guys rock :) (And yandros and lemurtanis - good luck in San Diego. I hope you find whatever you're looking for!)

After dinner was some WoW and now... bedtime just a tad too late. Enh, it'll be all right tomorrow.

Well, here I am starting day 2 of age 33. (Technically, day 2 of the 34th year, right? Like centuries and whatnot?) We'll see what the day brings. After some sleep.
turning victoria


[From plymouth: Recount a one-sentence anecdote for each state (of the U.S.) you've visited. This is the first.]

It was a time when a person would take advantage of being in Sea-Tac airport to look up an old high school buddy in the phone book and call him without long-distance fees.