February 12th, 2006


brilliant day

movie (Underworld: Evolution) with R was fun,
lunch in harvard square was experimental (we tried "flat patties" in the garage) but the unexpected visit from farwing was cool,
party at forgotten_aria's was excellent

and now, I think I hunker down to stay up a little late to try to outline a writing project. Due, well, weeks ago.

The Shoveler

Ok, the first pass is done. At least it'll be easier to do the second pass later, between 3 and 4.

If we had milk in the house, this would totally be time to make some Cream of Wheat. It'd be a great day to collect people in a park somewhere and have a big ol' snowball fight. Come inside from that, have some hot chocolate, and get all warmed up again. Set it up, knock it down.

I think I'll stay inside instead.


Wow, but that was good. To Christophers in Porter Square, then over to the Hub (on Hubbard Ave, of course!) to hang out a bit and just chill... then a slog back home via Shaws. Brisk! And somehow nostalgic... Not a drop of slush to be seen, either. Very nice indeed.

(Edit: and they had concrete advice for how to break the logjam on the writing project! Whee!)

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