December 24th, 2005


a good day

Awakening, dawdling with WoW, getting to Best Buy, Target, Electronics Boutique, back to Best Buy, conspiring by cell phone. Going to McDonalds and getting a double hamburger (whoever heard of a McD's running out of cheese???) ...getting over to Toys R Us (and going nuts), then Whole Foods, then the little convenience store on Rindge.

Stopping at Your Move Games with five minutes to spare, getting thwarted for the one present I needed to get there. Driving home, getting things cleaned up and starting wrapping gifts. Getting help wrapping gifts, and help giving out grab bag gifts.

Karaoke, baby antics, WoW talk, non-WoW talk. Kittens, trumpets (I can, evidently, play "Frosty the Snowman" without sheet music. I should really consider picking up brass again, given my long-term memory for the thing.)

Banana cream pie, still frozen. Chocolate banana cake, from the bakery. Cream puffs, from CostCo. And, to top it all off, blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry grunt, with just the slightest touch of chocolate. Next time, either more chocolate, or none. Making the grunt was a nice "break" from the party, in that I didn't have to be totally engaged, and could just listen for a while. That was very, very valuable.

Beer and booze came out, and Chinese food was ordered. More people came in the evening, and it was really nice to see some folks again, and to meet some folks anew. Settlers (Cities and Knights), Project Gotham Racing 2, and karaoke filled the evening to the brim, after the nerf-like dart guns' novelty started wearing out.

All in all, it was a day full of beautiful friends, and the general closeness and happiness that the holidays bring. The timing, two days before Christmas, really helped keep the party attendance to Just the Right Level; any normal day and this would have been insane, kind of like my birthday was.

I want more excuses to bake grunts though. I'm really getting to enjoy the process, and it's so easy!