November 29th, 2005

dagny embrace

the week in gaming

Sunday - Living Greyhawk at the Hub, a 2-slot game that ran six hours.
Monday night - Living Greyhawk at the Hub, a 2-slot game that ran until 2am. (Groggy now!)
Tuesday - Special Forces 2 run blessedly cancelled.
Wednesday - first run of Daimon, running outside its normal slot of alternate Thursdays, so we can finally get the thing off the ground. (Sorry for dragging my feet, fraterrisus)
Thursday - Brothers in Arms, my Eberron run, cancelled in email sent at 2:30am this morning.
Friday - pick up folks at the Hub to drive to AnonyCon in Stamford. Begin convention.
Friday-Sunday - play 7 separate D&D games, some in Living Greyhawk, some original one-shot concoctions. Attend closing ceremonies, drive home.

(peeking ahead to next week)
Monday - no game scheduled. (Maybe get sucked into Wild Hunt's Blackrock Depths raid in WoW?)
Tuesday - Explorers with ringrose
Wednesday - 3-4 hours of WoW with our group of druids
Thursday - second run of Daimon.

So, um, until cancellations saved me, I was scheduled for eleven consecutive days with one day "off" from gaming.

I gotta get some sanity back. Luckily, Living Greyhawk seems to come in bursts, as conventions pressure people to hurry up and get certain things done before the event starts.
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