November 18th, 2005


news of the day

Great D&D run last night. I winged it with some rough idea what to expect from a situation I created for my players, and it turned into a very fun situation for everyone involved. If I was *really* clever, I would have pretended to be reading out of the module, to keep certain people from being too smart for their own good (in terms of enjoyment, when the player figures something out before her character does, it takes away from some of the oomph. Maybe).

My iPod seems to be dead. At the very least it's dying. I think I may just stop by the Apple Store at lunchtime and replace it with a nice shiney new one, with AppleCare for three years of protection. This one seems to have died after only 2.5 years, so it's probably worth it...

The carpool thing seems to be working. Driving in in the mornings is nicer with company, and less guiltful when I generally have one or two passengers. I brought my bike into work earlier this week and tried biking home, and it still hurt my butt to ride that far, even with the new seat and the higher handlebars. I'm not sure what else to try; maybe I should poke around at some more adjustments this weekend, see about adjusting my posture some more.

Tonight is Star Wars: The Musical Experience! I can hardly wait to see the thing! :)