October 12th, 2005



Damn, that was a fun weekend.

Friday night, after two and a half hours of driving with rush hour traffic, I arrived, had pizza, and then played Jill's vision of a Firefly D20 game. It had some good down-home silliness to it, and some good action scenes. I played Mal... at one point, I ordered the driver of a truck to pull it over, and got to shoot out the rear-view mirror - "Oh, you said pull over!"

Saturday's afternoon run was Grim Tales, where I played a Gun Adept. This was a D20 Modern variant that was almost a D&D-style world. Spellcasting was an uncertain business - you had to make a check, and you could take vitality damage (this was one of the many vitality/wounds systems). I had a particularly well-timed "True Strike" that let me make a very tricky shot against a mechanical spider that came out of the shadows at a friend. The Gun Adept is bonded to his pistols, and it really just worked for me. It felt a little like a Stephen King gunslinger, actually... Maybe I should get this Grim Tales book.

Saturday evening was tirianmal's Exalted run, and I played a snot-nosed kid with a few minor powers. I probably shouldn't say too much about it here in case people might be playing it down the line (gospog...?) It was a lot of fun, and the roleplaying within the party was some of the most real I've seen in a long, long time.

Saturday night was car troubles getting back, which I won't go into here (see next post, maybe). Thanks to tirianmal, elsinoreblue, nasrat and Lisa for all making the car troubles not suck.

Sunday was the Red Star game, where we were all criminals pressed into military service. We really hammed up that aspect of things... nasrat was a masterful serial killer :) And we even succeeded at our mission and earned our pardons! Which, of course, meant that we got killed by the ones who sent us (no big surprise there)... what happened next was a bit of a surprise, to me. Maybe not to people used to the setting.

One guy there, Corky, was both amazing, and annoying. He cost us an hour of playing time, basically, going into great detail about how he was going to betray us. Now, betraying us was totally in character, and he was really good about the whole thing, when he was interacting with us. I just wish he could have spent a little less one-on-one time with the GM. Later on he had some good words to say about tactics that were more useful in real life than in a game; in a real engagement he was 100% correct about how our setup was causing crossfire. In the game, though, there was no chance whatsoever of the antitank weapons going that wildly afield from their targets...

Anyway, I have to say, I was warned about Corky going into the weekend, and it proved to be a great experience, after all was said and done. :) And so was the rest of the time.

Wow, everyone needs to run cons out of their houses. And I need to get a house that I can run a con out of. Maybe looking further out of town for a house is in order, especially now that my job is up in Burlington (well, starting after next week...)

Oh yeah, I even won a Golden Gospog award for best player at the Grim Tales game! Woohoo!

Tomorrow, to Minnesota for a week. Sounds like my time's going to be pretty fully booked. Lots of people to see in little time. Next time, it'll be a much longer trip. I hear we have the entire week from Christmas to New Years as a company-wide holiday. That'll maybe have to be the next trip, depending on what the people I'd want to be seeing are doing...