July 6th, 2005


DC post forthcoming

I'm back from DC, and back at work today.  At home I have the start of a more comprehensive LJ post, but I'll just say as a start that it's nice to be back, the drives to and from DC were surprisingly easy, the FDR Memorial is highly recommended - a liberal Mecca.  Fireworks in DC were surprisingly mellow, probably largely because we watched from way over by FDR.  It's not on the mall, but a short walk, over towards Thomas Jefferson.  The wedding was fantastic, and the reception was also a cruise up the Potomac and back.  It was good to see Brad and Scott again; I've lost contact with too many high school friends.  I should see if I can track down Bill, Brian, or Will, sometime.

All in all, an excellent weekend.  Pentagon City is an extremely convenient area to stay in for a DC visit.  I recommend it.